Now you can confidently buy online and save Hundreds of Dollars. Because of our unique business model, you are buying direct from the factory. No middlemen, no expensive warehousing and small overheads means we can pass the savings on to you.

About Us

We are determined to deliver true value for money when buying Hotel Equipment. We believe the prices Australians have been paying for Motel Equipment Supplies have been far too expensive and they have had to pick from very narrow ranges.
We, therefore, make sure that all our prices and range are “ The Best in the Business “ Also we can design according to your custom requirements.

A part of above advantages, you can benefit from knowing that the products have been tested in actual use for many years and have performed excellently. We go beyond this and deliver exclusive 5-year manufacturers warranty with our products.
Our Products are manufactured from the highest grade raw materials including specially selected timbers and stainless steel items.

When you buy our products online, all your information is encrypted so there will be no privacy paying risks.
We have very cost effective delivery rates and you can be confident that when you buy online you will get what you paid for.

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